Make life a little less hectic by following these time-saving tips:
1 - Lists.  I can't emphasize lists enough.  To-do lists, checklists, goals lists, birthdays lists, grocery lists, "songs I heard and want to buy lists..."  You can even make a list of the lists. If you want to remember something, put it on a list and look at it frequently.
2 - Only buy what's on your shopping list.  This will make the trip shorter and probably reduce how much you spend.  It will also improve your list-making.
3 - Keep a key bowl near the front door.  Think of the times you've been in a hurry and can't find your keys... this can help.
4 - Cook large quantities, then pre-portion and freeze.  Now you have appropriately portioned meals that can be heated in the microwave quickly.
5 - Listen to audiobooks.  You can learn a lot while you drive, clean, or workout.


  1. I don't think there's been a time when my husband and I didn't have a key bowl. It really is helpful.

    I like all your time saver tips so far. I think I'm going to implement some of them into my life.

  2. Great tips! Here in the UK, you have to use a key to unlock the door from the inside, so I've started using a "key bowl" and it's saved me so much hassle (and worry about what I would do in a fire haha). Now I just need to convince my husband to do the same so he won't lose his keys! ;) Really though, it's a great idea for anything of value - wallet, etc - to have a set place to put them.

  3. I've lost my keys more than once. Learned some of these things the hard way.

  4. I totally agree with number 1, I am a HUGE list-maker and always have several lists going at a time. The key bowl is another good one, except ours are hooks by the door and that works just as well.

    I need to work more on the "only buy what's on your shopping list" one. :) I make shopping lists, but I usually add things when I see them.